Gifts That May Reduce Your Taxes

There are a variety of gifts to the HRC Foundation that may help reduce income taxes, estate taxes and capital gains taxes.

Retirement Plan Gift

Retirement assets are among the most heavily taxed, making them an ideal resource for charitable giving once you no longer need the assets yourself. As the charitable affiliate of HRC, the HRC Foundation is exempt from paying the taxes that might otherwise be owed. Consider making the HRC Foundation a beneficiary of your retirement assets and leaving other less-heavily taxed assets to loved ones.

Be sure to let us know if you have included the HRC Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement account. Providing us with documentation is the best way to ensure that we receive the gift you intend for us.

Life Insurance Gift

Life insurance is an affordable way to leave a gift to the HRC Foundation while also enjoying tax savings during your lifetime. Benefits include

  • A significant gift from disposable income at a fraction of the value.
  • Tax saving can be immediately realized.
  • Your donation could reduce final taxes of your estate.
  • Insurance gifts transfer outside the estate.

CDs, Bank and Brokerage Accounts

One of the easiest ways you can help achieve full equality for LGBTQ people is by making HRC the beneficiary of a certificate of deposit, a checking or savings bank account, or brokerage account. Simply request a Pay on Death (POD) or Transfer on Death (TOD) designation form from your financial institution.

View Sample Beneficiary Designation Language

There are many other giving options you may consider. I would love to help tailor your gift to meet your personal and philanthropic objectives. Please contact me directly at Thank you for your support.