How You Benefit From a Gift to HRC

How You Benefit

Honor or Memorialize a Loved One

We welcome gifts given in memory of someone you have loved and lost, who sadly did not live to witness the strides we have made toward equality, but in whose memory you make a commitment to the future.

Let us Recognize Your Generosity

If you’re like most people, a gift left in your will or trust or by beneficiary designation is probably the most significant gift you will ever give. Whatever the amount, this is a gift that represents your dream of equality, and that’s why we want to honor your generosity, and will do so privately if you prefer.

Please contact us if you have left a gift for HRC or the HRC Foundation. We’d like to recognize you for your generosity and commitment, and welcome you to our Equality Circle, our special recognition program for individuals who have included HRC in their estate plans.

We are so appreciative of your support and consideration of HRC as part of your enduring legacy.