Stories of People Like You

Portrait of Marilyn McConnell & Jody Gates

Marilyn McConnell & Jody Gates

After having experienced the institutional homophobia of the South while growing up and continuing to see and experience that homophobia while they built a life together in New Orleans, Jody and Marilyn want the same important gains at home as they are seeing in other parts of the country.

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Portrait of James Boone and Joseph Bucuzzo

Joseph Bucuzzo and James Boone

In their 43 years together, James Boone and Joseph Bucuzzo have created a life centered on family and activism on behalf of the causes they believe in — foremost among them, improving the lives of LGBT people.

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Portrait of Tom Latimer

Tom Latimer

Tom Latimer knew he was gay at age 6. But he came of age at a time when being gay was something you ignored. And for many years that’s exactly what Tom did.

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Portrait of Josh and Steve

Josh and Steve

When Josh and Steve’s son arrived, their lives changed in countless ways. Beautiful, inspiring, gratifying ways. Today they feel more profoundly than ever about the vital importance of full equality and fundamental fairness for all people.

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Portrait of Becca Sherrill and LeeAnn Jones

Becca Sherrill and
LeeAnn Jones

LeeAnn Jones and Becca Sherrill are committed to changing the way LGBT people are treated so that future generations don’t face the kind of discrimination they have endured. They hope for a day when kids can come out without worrying about being beaten up at school, kicked out by their parents or rejected by their church. They hope that long-term care facilities will welcome older LGBT couples who want to keep living together.

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Portrait of Bob Benyo and Ray Wolf

Ray Wolf and Bob Benyo

Beloved brothers, sons, uncles, and partners Ray Wolf and Bob Benyo shared a loving life for 48 years and, as if one could not go on without the other, died within 12 months of each other. Their legacy lives on in the lives they touched and in the generous gifts they left to support the organizations they were passionate about during their life together—including HRC.

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Portrait of Joseph Gale

Joseph Gale

As much as the lives of LGBT people have changed for the better over the years, so much work remains to be done. That’s why Joseph Gale left a gift to the HRC Foundation in his estate plan—so the LGBT people of today—and tomorrow—will have an easier time than he did.

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Portrait of Dan Guio

Dan Guio with partner
Wayne Reeves

The next time that someone tells you the fight for equality is over, tell them the story of Dan Guio. They’ll learn that good people are still being hurt — profoundly hurt — by a lack of full equality, and that important fights are yet to be won.

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